Virtual Management Accountant
Understanding financial statements can be challenging at the best of times, and getting the most out of your financial reports to help drive and grow your business is a specialised task.  Many business people who are successful and experts in their area of expertise, simply don't have the time, training or willingness to delve deep in to the numbers to understand the key drivers of their business.
That's where PTS Advisory comes in - to help you really understand your business.  Utilising our financial tracking and reporting tools, we are able to take care of all your bookkeeping and data entry requirements, which allows us to efficiently and effectively monitor and manage your business' performance on a monthly or quarterly basis to really keep you on track to achieving your goals and objectives.
We are able to tailor a solution that meets your needs, timeframe and budget, and in a format that suits you and your business.
Our Virtual Management Accountants provide you and your business the benefit of our expertise at a fraction of the cost.
Our Virtual Management Accountants can also assist your business in the following areas :
-  setting up and structuring your chart of accounts
-  activity based costing
-  benchmarking your business
-  attend board meetings
-  budget v actual profit & loss reporting
-  cash flow management
-  employee / employer relations
-  KPI establishment & KPI reporting
-  monthly or quarterly management meetings

All new business clients of PTS Advisory receive a free analysis of your business' historical financial performance, followed up by a full one day planning session to assist you and your business achieve your goals and objectives -  valued at $2,500.